How To Size a Snowboard

Today, I’m going to teach you how to size a snowboard. By this, I mean help you find the snowboard in the right size for you, and the snowboard that fits your riding style the absolute best!

When you look for a snowboard there are several qualifications that needs to be there for you to pick the right one. You have probably heard rumors saying that the snowboard should be defined by your hight. This is absolutely wrong. You want to define the size of your snowboard based upon your own weight. This is because the weight is what lest you control the board, as well as skill and technique of course.

I have created a list for you below, so you easily can find what length your snowboard should be.

Snowboard length sized by your weight

Just so you know, this list is not 100% perfect. If you have a snowboard that is somewhat different from this list, you can still find yourself succeeding a lot. As a final reminder, using a shorter board than your weight class is much better than using a board that is too big. You will struggle a lot more with a board that is too big.

Weight and length.,j
  • 50 pounds, 90-100 cm
  • 60 pounds, 105-115 cm
  • 70 pounds, 110-125 cm
  • 80 pounds,120-130 cm
  • 90 pounds, 125-135 cm
  • 100 pounds, 130-140 cm
  • 110 pounds, 135-145 cm
  • 120 pounds, 140-150 cm
  • 130 pounds, 145-155 cm
  • 140 pounds, 150-160cm
  • 150 pounds, 155-160 cm
  • 160 pounds, 155-165 cm
  • 170 pounds, 160-165 cm
  • 180 pounds, 160-170 cm
  • 190 pounds, 165-170 cm
  • 200+ pounds, 165-175+ cm

All mountain, freeride or freestyle!

You have now estimated the length of your snowboard. The next thing that you should do is to find out what your snowboarding style is. This way, your snowboarding experience will turn out to be even better!

If you like powder, then I would consider a bigger and wider board, with a less bendy nose and tail. The nose should also be a lot bigger than the tail. These types of snowboards are called freeride boards. Are you someone who loves free nature, powder and off-road riding? Then I would highly recommend these types of snowboards for you!


If you prefer park, I would consider a solid board with a smaller “center” (from the tip of your toes to the back of your heels). It should also be very bendy and bouncy with a camber shape. The twin tip on the board should also be identical as the boards are designed to ride switch. These types of snowboards are called freestyle boards. Are you a park-rat? Then there is no doubt this is the board you should buy!

If your snowboard style is what ever you feel like doing. Then I would recommend the all mountain snowboards. These snowboards fits everyone, and every snowboard style possible. They are typically designed for beginners and for people who really just like to do “what ever”. Are you are that guy, who just like to chill, and switch between any style? Then these types of snowboards will be the perfect fit for you!

If you are interested in learning more specific differences between the snowboard types. All mountain, freeride and freestyle, I have a separate page covering this in more detail. Click here if you want to check it out!

Hopefully you have gotten an idea of how you want your snowboard to look like!



  1. RenO

    Hei! Great post! Thank you for the info, I have learned a lot. I live in a tropical country, but I really want to learn snowboarding tough. The first time I get to try, I’ll just use that allmountain snowboards and maybe just doing whatever like you just recommend 😉

    1. admin

      Sounds like a good plan! Would like to know how your first time goes. 🙂

  2. Vertical Veloxity

    I have never been snowboarding before but man it looks fun. I used to live in Colorado Springs , Colorado and man it would snow pretty good there. Pikes Peak is there. Also some snow ranges in Denver I think. But I never been to any.

    Because I have never been snowboarding. Is there a certain one that would be good for a newbie? I live in Virginia now. But I go back to the Springs every once in a while . My buddies and I plan to go on some Cabin adventures.

    1. admin

      Yes, the allmountain snowboards are really great for beginners! I have a page covering spesific details for each snowboard type. Click here to check it out. You can read about the allmountain snowboards there. I have also reviewed some allmountain snowboards for men. I have two posts, where I have reviewed (among other board types), the allmountain snowboards. Click here to check out the K2 ones, or click here to check out the Camp 7 ones.

  3. Tonio B.

    you got some awesome stuff here dude.. I actually thought the size of a snowboard was based on your height not weight, now I know thanks to you 🙂

    1. Tore Aarsand (Post author)

      No problem buddy! 😀

  4. Loes

    Hello Torre,

    I was looking for some information about snowboarding because one of my daycare children was interested in this sport. He wants to write an essay about it for school. And I found a lot of valuable data on your website.

    Very interesting to read that weight and length are important as well as shape.

    That the shape of the allmountain snowboard is quite different from the Free style and freeride snowboard.

    Living in Norway must give you the perfect environment to practice this sport often! Enjoy!

    Thank you so much!


    1. admin

      I’m glad to help! 😀

  5. Carl

    Thank you very much for making this post! Just bought A new snowboard from your site. I following the Great tips on this post and the boarding sees to be perfect! Thanks again!

  6. Victoria

    Hi, I went snowboarding in Meribel in France, what a great experience it was. I am looking to go again soon but this time, I will get my own board. I am a beginner so you would recommend an all mountain board? I am left handed/footed does this make a difference when selecting a board?
    Thanks for your help

    1. admin

      Yes, choose the allmountain snowboard. You should also have your left foot forward. On this post, I talk about which your lead foot should be, and how to ajust the board for the best possible experience

  7. Roopesh

    Hi There
    I am new to this and I will certainly go for the beginners type of snowboard.

    Its sounds like this can be a whole lot fun. I used to do a lot of skateboarding back in the day. It’s been ages since I got back onto a board.

    You reckon learning snowboarding comes easy to one. Any tips for someone who are just starting out?

  8. Andrea

    Great info here!
    There’s a well-known location called Blue Mountain here in Canada and I’ve always wanted to try snowboarding there. I’ve just been too nervous because of the speed!

    It’s well into spring now, but I’m thinking about giving it a go later this year. Being a beginner, getting the right size is pretty important, isn’t it? Do you have any other tips or recommendations for my first try?

  9. Candace

    Reading this make be a little bummed boarding season is over! I currently have a freeride board, but I’ve been thinking about getting a new one, possibly an all mountain. I haven’t heard that about weight before. I’ve always measured by height. That’s good to know! I’ll keep it in mind when I get a new board.

  10. Kerry

    I think that your website looks very professional, the theme I think looks really good. The information on the site is good, very informative and easy to use. There were a couple of spelling mistakes I picked up, sorry, thought you would want to know. There were 2 on the about me page and 1 on the how to size a snowboard page. Otherwise well done 🙂

    ** fist ** ** wheight,**

    ** lest **

    1. Tore Aarsand (Post author)

      Thanks a lot! 🙂


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