Wrist Protectors Review – Prevent Injuries

New to snowboarding? Or maybe just like to be safe? Well, then you should consider the wrist protection. If you were to fall and curb the landing with your hands, the wrist protection would back you up and prevent you from getting hurt. Sound like a good deal? Check out the review of the product below!

Note: This product can only be shipped within the United States.

Seirus Innovation 5660 Jam Master Exo Under Glove Wrist Protectionwrist-protection

Seirus Innovation 5660 Jam Master Exo Under Glove Wrist Protection 

Price: $21.42- $30.95

Current Sizes: Small, medium, large, X-large

Color: Black

Cheapest place to buy: amazon.com

Product description

The “Seirus Innovation 5660 Jam Master Exo Under Glove Wrist Protection” product is a very simple product. It is built to protect you from wrist injuries by curbing your falls while snowboarding. The product only weights 1 pound, making it very easy to carry around on your hands. In other words, it won’t be a bother. It has also got a very good flex so you can move your hand around.

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