Train Snowboarding Off Season

Have you ever dreamed about snowboarding on a hot summer day? Maybe you miss the winter season and snowboarding. Maybe you also fear that you’ll forget what you have learned. Don’t worry, in this post I’ll show you ways you can practice snowboarding off season.

Bounceboards – the perfect trampoline snowboardaadd

The bounceboard is the perfect toy to practice snowboarding any time of the year. In such a safe environment as on the trampoline, new tricks are much easier to learn because the fear of getting hurt might not be there. The material used to create the bounceboard is also very kind against your trampoline as well as the light weight makes it very convenient.aaaa

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Surfing – snowboarding on the water

Surfing is probably the most known way to practice snowboarding in the summer. It is actually very good training too. You get to challenge your balance a lot. If you can manage to keep yourself straight up on a surfboard for a while, chances are you’ll do great snowboarding too. Between the examples on this page, it’s probably the least good one, but a cool thing to maybe try out.

Wakeboards – like surfing, just more fun!


Wakeboarding is a great way of practicing for the snowboard season. Even though they reminds more of surfboards than snowboards, they are actually a really good way of practicing your snowboard balance.

Although jumping and tricking is a lot harder on a wakeboard, you can really practice turning skill. You can also practice your jumping, by jumping on the waves.

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If you still have some questions about anything, then feel free to leave them below!


  1. Daniel

    Awesome! Now you gave me an idea of things I can do next summer:)

  2. Heather Grace

    Wow, these are great! I am a skier myself but my husband is a huge snowboard lover. Is the Bounceboard only made to work on a trampoline? That might be a great option for a gift… I think that it is great to have a way during the summer months to work on skills. Great products!

    1. admin

      Well, you can always use the bounceboard where ever you want, but it doesn’t slide or anything. It’s mostly ment for trampolines though.


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