The Amazingness of Backcountry Snowboards

Backcountry snowboarding, also known as off-piste, is something within its own cathergory. It’s different, relaxing and challenging. I myself, fancy backcountry snowboarding a lot. I think more people should know about this phenomenon within snowboarding, and I therefore dicided to target this topic through-out this post.

What is backcountry snowboarding?0

Backcountry snowboarding is the same as off-piste. You ride outside the groomed slopes in a tougher terrain. If you learned how to snowboard on well groomed pistes, then you’ll face a big surprice when you go off-piste. Backcountry snowboarding in not for everyone either. To snowboard off-piste you’ll need a higher level of skill and board control.

How to ride backcountry?

As I mentioned, you need a different style to ride backcountry or off-piste. You need to be really focused and aware of everything. Obstacles are also something you need to be aware of all the time. Trees, rocks, cliffs and crevasses are dangerous obstacles you should keepin mind. You’ll need to have enough turning power to avoid these obstacles in the last second. You also need a different set of gear to ride off-piste on this extreme level

Gear & supplies:
  • A backcountry snowboard
  • Normal gear (helmet, goggles etc.)
  • Aid kit
  • Food
  • Extra clothing
  • Phone
  • Compass
  • Snow shovels

All these things are highly recommended if you are riding off-piste. Of course you’ll have to consider the equipment nessesary depending on the route you take. If you’re just driving off-piste right beside a local recort, these things might not as nessesary.

If you have any questions about this post, please leave them below. I’ll be happy to answer everything!


  1. Chris

    Hi there thanks for this information, I have been thinking about riding in the backcountry. I never thought of the extra gear needed but it makes sense. I will be sure to remember that when I go, thanks.

    In that picture of the wooden snowboard, is that the type of style you would recommend for off piste, or would a bidirectional board be good? Im wondering if its just personal preference, or is there some benefit?


    1. Tore Aarsand (Post author)

      There are benefits of riding with a freeride snowboard with different edges. This is because the bigger end lets you sufr on the snow easier, but without one, (just a normal snowboard) works just fine!

  2. Ray

    Thank you for the imformation! I have been thinking about riding backcounty for a long time. This will help me keep safe! 😊


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