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Finding a good and durable trampoline can be tricky. Most of the trampolines on the market today are really bad and only lasts for 3-5 years. If you find yourself looking for a trampoline to buy, and this time a really good one? Then you have come to the right place.

In the skywalker trampoline reviews below, are both of the trampolines of very high quality. They’re also super durable. If you don’t think any of the two specific ones reviewed is good enough, you’ll most likely find a quite similar one within the link provided. They both come with a great price. Find what you like below!

Skywalker Trampoline 15-Feet w/ Enclosure and Spring Pad


Colors: Green, blue, red, orange

Cheapest place to buy:

Shipping time: 4-7 days

Customer rating: 9/10

Product description

The “Skywalker trampoline 15-Feet” is described as the perfect family trampoline. With 15-feet of space, there will be enough room for multiple kids to enjoy the great bounce. This trampoline will both entertain your kids and keep them active.

Not to mention that they’ll be 100% safe as long as the rules (come with the package) are followed. The net on the trampoline is also put on the inner section of the springs. This guarantees any user maximal safety from the springs, as they are very dangerous to land on Even with a protection mat covering them.

The design of the “Skywalker trampoline 15-Feet” is built to be very simple, but durable. The frame on the trampoline is made out of heavy gauged rust resistant galvanized steel. The trampoline is therefore very durable and can be used in any weather. All the materials used to build the trampoline are made with durable UV-protected material for an even increased weather resistance.

Skywalker Trampoline 12-Feet w/ Enclosure + Spring Pad

Old price: 

New price: $305.99 (39% off)

Colors: Green, blue, red, pink, red, grey camo

Cheapest place to buy:

Shipping time: 4-7 days

Customer rating: 9/10

Product description

The “Skywalker Trampoline 12-Feet” is the perfect sized trampoline for any backyard. The trampolines 12-feet of space will easily fit anywhere, but still with enough room for multiple jumpers to enjoy the fun. The enclosure that comes with the Skywalker trampoline will guarantee to keep anyone on the trampoline safe. Kids or grown ups.

The trampoline provides a great  amount  of bounce. It’s a perfect place for your kids (or you) to be in activity. The “Skywalker Trampoline 12-Feet” model is recommended for users in age of 6 and up. If you have younger kids jumping, they should be under supervision of an adult.

The “Skywalker Trampoline 12-Feet” is also made with heavy gauged rust resistant galvanized steel. The trampoline is therefore super durable, just as the Skywalker 15-feet model. It is durable in any weather because of this. The enclosure net uses a feature where the net is put on the inside of the springs for maximal protection. The springs are also covered with soft foam for increased protection.

Video overview

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Which one should you buy?

The trampolines are both very good, considering bounce, durability and safety. Although, the Skywalker 15-Feet stands out a bit. The reason for this is because of the increase of bounce that comes with the size. The size will not be noticeable when you build the trampoline, but once you get to jump on it you’ll feel it. I used to have both a 12-feet and a 15-feet trampoline in my backyard, and the difference when you jump is very noticeable

Even though the “Skywalker Trampoline 15-Feet” is a little more expensive, it will be worth the money. If you find this trampoline a somewhat too expensive, the “Skywalker Trampoline 12-Feet” is a great option too!

Leave a comment below and tell me what you personally think of the two trampolines. If you have any questions, I’d be glad to answer them as well!



  1. Antonio Alessandro

    Great review, I’m considering buying a new trampoline for this summer. These Skywalker trampolines seem pretty great. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Tore Aarsand (Post author)

      No problem, glad to help! 🙂

  2. Michel

    Great review. I love these trampolines, and they are great for kids, especially because of the safety nets around them, and the fact that the springs are covered.

    Trampolines are a great way to exercise for the entire family, and also a good way to get everyone outdoors and away from the television and tv games.

    1. Tore Aarsand (Post author)

      They sure are a great way of exercising!

  3. Boogi918

    I’m not going to lie, I couldn’t be pulled off of a trampoline when I was a kid. I learned how to do so many different kinds of flips and specially since you are enclosed in a net that protects you from spilling off the side.

    I have 3 kids and they all of course love jumping and flipping…I suggest all parents who get a trampoline to get the ones with the enclosed net on it . It helps the user to get as creative as they want without worrying about falling off..

    1. Tore Aarsand (Post author)

      The net definitely helps with the fear. Great way to practice tricks as well.

  4. lifebeginswithyourhealth

    Very good review on the trampoline product(s), I have noticed these are very popular today. I was wondering would this product improve your balance for snowboarding and other sports possibly? I never have been on one of these before, do you think they would be proper for someone 57 years old?

    1. Tore Aarsand (Post author)

      The trampoline increases balance so I guess it will be beneficial for any sport really. As the trampolines are suited for any people usually over 6 years, I would totally recommend a 57 year old trying too! I bet you’ll love it 😉

  5. donald

    I’m more of a skier than a snowboarder, that said I was looking to get my kids a trampoline, and the skywalker looks excellent. I don’t want mt kids to bounce of the edge and kill themselves, I’m a bit of a traditionalist. Great feedback! Tell me when you next write a review! Great work!

    1. Tore Aarsand (Post author)

      The skywalker trampolines are definitely some great ones and offers everything one would look for in such a product. Let me know if you have any issues choosing one.

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  7. andrejs

    Hi and thanks for the review.
    Actually after your posts and watching Youtube Video just one question is raised. It is stated that weight of jumper 200 lb. It is rather big digits.
    Have you ever seen a man jump around?If yes, then how safe it is?
    And one more question. Can I leave Skywalker Trampoline under rain or even snow in winter?

    1. Tore Aarsand (Post author)

      I have seen many grown-ups jumping, and they will do just as fine as kids. As long as you have the balance (which you can train by jumping), you’ll be perfectly fine. And yes, you can also leave the trampolines in rain, and outside in the winter. Don’t know if it’s ok to do with any trampoline, but with the two I reviewed, you’ll be fine! 🙂

  8. Jeanette

    I remember having a trampoline when I was younger. Unfortunately the insurance my parents had made them take it down several days later…But on the bright side it was just moved to my grandparents so when I was at their place I got to use it as much as I wanted. I didn’t realize the height mattered so much when it came to the jumping. I guess it puts those “on the ground trampolines” to shame.

    1. admin

      Amazing! Yes, a good trampoline is crusial!

    2. admin

      Getting a good trampoline is important! That is why I made this review! 😀


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