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Are you a girl and have a high interest for snowboards? Well, then you have come to the perfect place! On this post I’ll review several Ride specific girl snowboards that you will probably like. Check them out below!

Ride Women’s Baretta Snowboard 2016Skjermbilde

Ride Women’s Baretta Snowboard 2016

Price: $249.99

Current sizes: 142cm, 145cm, 148cm, 151cm, 154cm

Cheapest place to buy: amazon.com

Product description

The “Ride Women’s Baretta Snowboard 2016” by Ride is a snowboard designed specifically for all mountain riding. The board has a rocker design where the nose and tail are raised higher above ground than the center. It is also twin shaped making it an optimal all mountain snowboard.

The board has got a very slim center and weights about 7.7 pounds. It is easy to control due to the light weight and small center. The design of the board is beautiful and is one of the best within its category!


Ride Women’s Compact Snowboard 2016dd

Ride Women’s Compact Snowboard 2016

Price: $258.94 (30% off)

Current sizes: 139cm,143cm, 147cm, 150cm, 153cm

Cheapest place to buy: amazon.com

Product description

The “Ride Women’s Compact Snowboard 2016” is the perfect snowboard for park-rats. This freestyle snowboard will provide you with a great park experience with all its benefits. The small center will give make spinning easier, both flat and mid-air. The rocker shape provides great pop, enough to make you fly high of the park jumps. The board has also enough stability to keep you from falling on hard landings.

If you have any questions, then feel free to leave them below!




  1. Ben


    I really like this post, its brief and has all the facts we would want.

    Then again I’m no expert I just know what I like. I have a close friend who is always going away skiing and snowboarding, I’ll have to send these her way and she if there’s something that takes her eye.

    1. admin

      Thanks a lot! 😀

  2. David

    I am not a girl, but I am in the market looking for something for my wife. I like the reviews of each of these boards. I think she would really enjoy either one. She probably won’t be hitting the park, so I think the Baretta might be more her style. Thanks for the advice.

    1. admin

      No problem! Glad to help you out. Let me know how it goesif you end up buying:)


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