Practice Snowboarding At Home

There are many different ways to practice snowboarding at home, but there is one way that is by far the best. The trampoline. I, myself use the trampoline to practice for the winter, each and every summer. I have done this since I started snowboarding, and good lord it has helped me a lot!

On this post I’ll be talking about the trampoline and why it is so great for practicing snowboarding. I’ll also talk a little about which trampolines that are better, and why.


Why is the trampoline such a good place to practice?

The trampoline offers a lot of possibilities when it comes to practicing snowboarding. First of all, it offers great safety. All trampolines are equiped with a safety net covering the entire trampoline. This safety net will catch anyone jumping into it and throw them back on the trampoline nice and safely. The net is also very tough and super hard to rip apart. The hight of the net depends on the size of your trampoline, but if your trampoline is a normal size, you’ll never be able to jump over it.


As well as the safety net, there is a layer of hard foam across the entire outline of the trampoline. This is because the springs that provides the trampoline bounce, is very dangerous to land on. With this thick and wide layer of foam covering all the springs, there is no way they can hurt you.

Because the trampoline is such a safe place to practice, your fear of doing tricks will most likely fade away. When you then put the snowboard on again the next season, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable with the trick, since you pretty much know how to perform it without the board. Second of all, the bounce that the trampoline give you when you jump is great. It will give you plenty of time in the air to perform any type of trick. Literally any trick! If you have a friend that can bounce you extra high, the possibility for spins are insane. Triples or even quads are possible!

If you still think tricking on a trampoline is scary, you can do take it slower. Step by step. Lets take the front flip as an example. You can start of by rocking the trampoline. No bounce will be needed. You then need to quickly throw your body forward like a tight ball, and possibly land on your back. From there you can continue to bounce up on your feet again. This way, you’ll not have to be in the air. It is super safe, and you can use it to progress to higher skill levels later on.

Anybody can learn tricks on the trampoline. All that’s needed is your time and willpower.

Which trampolines are the best?

The majority of trampolines are really crappy. This is typically the ones sold at local markets. The break very fast and have no guarantee. They’ll rust very easily in the rain and the bounce isn’t the greatest either. Those are the ones you should NOT buy! If you want a trampoline that is actually good with a great guarantee, then read below and find out which trampolines that are really worth your money. Save yourself from buying crap!

Springless trampolines


The trampolines that are the best on the market today are the springless trampolines. These trampolines dominate all other trampolines by far! The springfree trampolines are said to be the worlds safest trampolines. The chances for you to get hurt on them are absolutely minimal.

These trampolines are also designed to be very flexible and therefore provide a great amount of bounce! They are easy to build, have much room and are described as the perfect family trampoline.

Your bouncing and learning experience will never be better on a springless trampoline! Click here to buy one for yourself!

Skywalker trampolines 

The skywalker trampolines are a really great alternative if you think the springfree trampolines are too expensive. Skywalker is a brand, that create many different trampolines. Any trampoline from skywalker will give you a great experience. Their trampolines comes with great guarantees and are super easy to build. Another great thing about them are that you won’t have to dismantle them for the winter. They are built to survive any weather or season and are rust free!

The skywalker trampoline are my personal favourite as they provide  a great experience and come in a decent price. Click here for a product review of the skywalker trampolines.


Rebounder/mini trampolines

If you have a very little garden, or don’t want to pay too much money for a trampoline, then the rebounder or mini trampoline are the perfect one for you. They are very small and would fit into any room in your house. 6They are also super easy to build .

They are not heavy either so they’ll be easy to move around. As they aren’t suited for the winter, you’ll have to move them under some shelter to preserve them. The light weight will help you with that!

The trampoline itself has a decent amount of bounce. It is also very stable, so you can bounce as high as you want without tilting it over. Click here to buy one right now!


Trampolines are by far the best way to practice snowboarding at home. They are super safe, they have great guarantees and are very fun to use as well. The springless trampolines are the best ones, but also the most expensive. The skywalker trampolines are almost as good and safe as the springless ones, just a lot cheaper. The mini trampolines are for you who are squeezed on space, or want to save some money!

If you are thinking of getting a trampoline, the skywalker trampolines are the ones I would personally recommend. They are greatly priced with nice guarantees and they’ll provide you with a superb experience!

If you have any questions left on you mind, feel free to leave them below! I will answer as fast as I can.



  1. Sondre

    Hi Tore!
    Beautiful post with a lot of images that fits to the content.
    Keep on writing and never quit! You are doing an amazing job.


    1. Tore Aarsand (Post author)

      Thank you very much! You made my day 😀

  2. Bimmerguy

    Wow, I never knew it was possible to practice snowboarding by using a trampoline. You learn something new everyday I suppose. I don’t really snowboard much anymore but I do love trampolines as do my kids. I will take your suggestions and look into these particular trampolines a bit further. Thanks so much for the great article.

    1. admin

      No problem, glad it helped! 😀

  3. tatihden

    Snow boarding is a sport that has always fascinated and terrified me at the same time. I envy the flexibility with which some people maneuver on ice while on snow boards as though they were just walking. Gosh, I still trip on my feet sometimes.

    I like the idea of practicing snow boarding at home, on a trampoline! Sounds like loads of fun.

  4. Bethany

    OMG: I’m a lifelong skier and have thought a lot about trying my hand at boarding. I never heard of using a trampoline for practicing this before. What would be your recommendation for the skill level on the mountain before trying a board on a trampoline. I keep sticking with my skis because of a great comfort level. Should I at least be able to feel good about blue runs first?

    1. admin

      Yes, the trampoline are really only used to practice tricks. Not really an ideal start off point for a beginner

  5. Egill

    omg there are endless posibilitys when it comes to snowbording. thank you for the post it really helped

    1. Tore Aarsand (Post author)

      Glad it helped! 😀

  6. MyraBeth

    Your website is extremely well put together. And, yes, I consider snowboarding an ‘extreme’ sport. So, I say this because although I personally have no interest in this sport, I really appreciate learning about snowboarding from your website.

    Your website is definitely one of the better ones that I have reviewed on WA. Your page layouts are easy to read and it is obvious that you understand and know this sport and sport equipment very well.

    Check your English spelling, as there are many spelling mistakes. I can see that English is not your native tongue but if you write in English, correct spelling is really important. We, English speaking folks, are picky about that. You can use either British or American spelling, it doesn’t matter but stick to one throughout your website. Decide which is your main audience, the Americans or the British, and that will help you decide which country’s English spelling to use.

    Otherwise you have a very good website and so, I am just going to mention a few things on this page:

    ‘Why is the trampoline such a good place to practice?’

    You mention about the safety net on trampolines and yet, your first photo doesn’t show or doesn’t show clearly that there is a safety net around that trampoline. Also, the dark vignette does not help this photo as it makes the photo, well… too dark. Perhaps, a photo of one person doing one snowboarding trick on the trampoline would be a better photo.

    The second photo with just the trampoline and net is a great photo. 🙂

    Also, to monetize this page, you could possibly provide links to purchasing skywalker trampoline.

    Your last subtitle on this page: Conclution
    Ummm…. check your spelling.

    So, as a CONCLUSION to this review, I just have to say, you have an excellent website.

    1. admin

      Thank you very much for the time to write all this feedback! Means a lot to all what you have said. Didlike you said and put some links, and I’ll be sure to check my spelling better.:D

  7. Harvey

    Aasand, nice site. You really have done a lot of work on site development. Love the graphics and your affilaite links. Couple of comments, you might use a larger font. The majority of your visitors may be between the ages of 6-45, but what about those who need classes or are older? You might give a bit of a bio on yourself. I tend to feel comfortable when I get a personal feel for the person. That is about it.

    1. admin

      Thank you very much! I’ll be sure to fix up in my bio!

  8. Antonio Alessandro

    Great post! I love your trampoline posts, you should make more of those and maybe add a trampoline menu on your website… Keep it up 🙂

    1. Tore Aarsand (Post author)

      Thanks for the great tips! 😀

  9. Rodney

    You have a great site here, Aarsand. I must say that I never thought that one can snowboard on a trampoline. Thanks for this very informative article. I am a little apprehensive about snowboarding but given the information in your article, maybe I can take the plunge and give it a try. Thanks again.

    1. admin

      Thanks, the trampoline is really there just to practice, but with a bounceboard you can snowboard on the tampoline too. Have a different post covering that here.

  10. Nigel

    What a great idea. I don’t think many people would have thought that a trampoline could be a training venue for snowboarding!
    I thought snowboarding was going to be much easier than it is. I used to be a great skateboarder, friends told be I wouldn’t have a problem transferring to a snowboard. I found this wrong!
    By the way, I’m assuming you don’t take your skateboard on the trampoline?

    1. admin

      No, the skateboard will damage the trampoline, instead I use a bounce board to practice trampoline skills with. Really effective. Have a post “here” covering it if you are interested.

  11. Jenny

    What a great side and love the picture of the snowboarder, I have always wanted to try snowboarding, think i might be a bit too scared though! my kids are a little too young as well. Never thought about practising snowboarding at home using a trampoline! What a great idea.

    1. admin

      Thanks a lot! 😀

  12. Mario

    This is great never thought about using a trampoline to practice . being that im from texas and no snow here was thinking of ways to practice for my next winter trip. Im really bad at snowboarding by the way . Have you ever thought about having a section on best tricks to learn for beginners or how to perform certain tricks ? so wanna impress next time i get on a board

    1. admin

      I’m planning on making a post about this actually! I’ll send you a link when the post is up! Thanks:)

  13. Joana

    Hi Tore,
    I have been thinking for a while in getting a trampoline. As i seen it is the best type of work out to people. Not sure why, but that what a lot of fitness coaches recommend. Have you heard that before? I was going to go with the small trampoline, as i am a bit tight on space. Springless trampoline sounds very very appealing.
    Thank you for outlining the differences.

    1. admin

      I do remember having heard thet before! It’s great!

  14. Summerly

    This is a great idea. I love playing on trampolines, but I have never owned one which is really sad because they are so much fun! I never considered using your time on it to practice tricks although it does make sense. I can see it coming in very handy for people who want to practice during the summer and stay on top of things, nice post!

    1. admin

      Exactly! 😀


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