How To Snowboard In Powder

Do you really enjoy powder riding? Or do you want to improve your powder riding experience? Then I suggest you stick around to the end of this post. I’ll teach you some very simple tricks that will help you improve your powder riding experience. They’re easy and don’t require much work at all.

Adjusting the bindings


By simply adjusting your snowboard bindings is enough to improve your experience in powder. All that you have to do is simply loosen the bindings from the board. This can be done with a normal screwdriver. Then move them e few inches backwards and replace them. This will allow you to put more weight on the back of the board, pushing the front up. Surfing on top of the powder will therefore be easier as less power and leaning is required ro raise the board up above the snow.

On all mountain or freestyle snowboards, it’s recommended to move your bindings about 1-3 inches back. If you are more of a serious rider, you can set them as far back as you like. If you own a freeride board you’ll be good to go with the board as it is, but adjusting it a little won’t hurt.

Lean backwards

When you snowboard in powder you have to keep your board above the snow. The freeride snowboards will do this by themself, but if you have an all mountain or a freestyle snowboard, you’ll have to lean backwards.

You also have to make sure you lean back the perfect amount. If you lean back to little the board will bury itself and you’ll stop. If you lean back too much it will be harder to turn as well as react. You will also get tired faster. You can practice this on any flat ground. Lean a little backwards but not too much to fall. Try to stand still like this for at least 10 seconds. If you can do this, then you’ll be good to go!


Turns and Movement

Turning in powder is very different from turning on groomed snow. When the snow is groomed any turn will be an easy task. In powder you have to put more into it. Your legs should be bent bouncy. This will keep a nice balance point through the turn. Lean backwards too and keep the board flat on top of the powder. Lean in the direction of the turn and just follow the groove. You can also practice these turns in groomed slopes.

When it comes to your movement, it should be very subtle. You’ll very easily shove your snowboard into the snow and bury it. Your movement have to be subtle and smooth to prevent this from happening. This is very important to think of when you turn too.

Maintain your speed

Speed is an important factor when you ride in powder. With high speed, you decrease the chance of sinking into the deep powder snow. Making bigger turns will help you maintain your speed. The added momentum you get is what will keep you from sinking into the snow. You won’t have to lean as much back either if your speed is very high.

Be aware

The powder snow is very tricky and isn’t always smooth and flat as it seems like on the surface. It can hide obstacles like rocks or tree stumps. You should therefore stay bouncy. Bend your knees in turns and especially in bumpy terrain. If you keep your knees bouncy, you’ll absorb any bumps and recover.

You sh1343ould also ride with a friend in powder. If you get stuck, it will be very hard to get yourself out and up in the same speed. Having a friend there to help you can be crucial.

Anyways, that is some of the best tips I have for you who want to improve your powder riding experience. If you have any questions left on your mind, feel free to leave them below!



  1. Quinn

    I don’t live far from the Poconos and I’ve been thinking about taking a trip there with my daughter later this year. Now I’ve skateboarded back in high school, but snowboarding is just a whole different world to me (I’m not very fond of the cold! lol). Could you tell me what would be the best gear to purchase to stay protected from injuries and the cold weather?

    1. Tore Aarsand (Post author)

      Snowboarding is fantastic! If you need protection for snowboarding, or just clothing tips (+some equipment tips) you can click on either of the two links that you prefer. They’ll guide you to the perfect suitable gear you need! 🙂

  2. Julius

    Hello. I was reading your website for quite some time now and I just wanna thank you for the amazing work that you’re doing!

    It’s really obvious that you are very passionate about snowboarding. I really enjoying your articles, they are very informative and helpful. Just like this one! Snowboarding on powder really feels differently than on groomed snow and if you’ll be careless, you can hurt yourself.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Tore Aarsand (Post author)

      Thank you really much, just what I needed to hear! 😀

  3. Robinsonnadeen

    Hi Tore
    Congrats on the effort you invest on your site. Its absolutely amazing. You have a done a great job considering your age group. Your site is perfect. The layout, organization of themes and posts, and how you categories the products and services you offer. Your writing style and the of choice of words used in content are perfect.The colors too blend in well.
    I am not a fan of the cold but would watch people play in the snow from a distant lol.
    Keep doing what you are doing. You are great!

    1. Tore Aarsand (Post author)

      Thank you really much for the awesome feedback. Yoy really got me motivated, and yes, I’m really passionate about snowboarding! Thanks again! 🙂

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