How To Size Snowboard Bindings

Finding a perfect snowboard binding can be difficult when there is so many variances in size and style. This can be very overwhelming, but don’t worry. Follow me through this post and I’ll teach you how to size snowboard bindings for your perfect fit.

Find your snowboard boots

The first thing you will need to do is to find your snowboard boots. If you don’t have any boots, it’s going to be very hard to size the bindings. The size of your boot will decide 90% of the size of your binding. To know you have the correct binding, you want to make sure that your boot fits perfectly inside the binding, without the tip of your toe pointing out. If your boot size is 7, 8 or 9, then you should get a binding with the same size of 7-9.

Gender based bindings

When you find yourself a snowboard binding, you have to make sure that the binding is suited for the right gender. Even if a women binding fit your “man” boot very well, there are still many other things that you might not notice at first, but that actually can impact your riding experience in a negative way. You therefore have to get the binding from the right gender.

Mens snowboard bindings  Snowboard bindings for men are going to offer a wider fit. This is because men’s boots tend to be bigger and more bulky compared to women’s.


Women’s snowboard bindings – The women’s snowboard bindings are made narrower to better fit the small boot the women carry. The women’s bindings are also softer that men’s. Often in girly colors.


Kids snowboard bindings – The kids snowboard bindings are most often smaller versions of women and men’s bindings that sometimes offer the same benefits. These bindings can come with only one strap as well. They also tend to be somewhat harder and less flexible.


 Adjusting the bindings

After getting your bindings from the store, you might want to do some small adjustments to them. If your boots are a little too big or too small, you’ll be able to change this with small adjustments. This is often found on the straps to lengthen or shorten them. You can also adjust the heel to make more room for your boot. The back area of the binding is possible to move either forward or backwards.

When you adjust your bindings it is also important to think about what snowboard you ride. If you ride a park snowboard, I would highly recommend having the bindings placed as centered as possible with the toes facing out to the side 90*.



If you ride a powder snowboard, it is recommended to place your bindings further back to easier surf above the powder. The binding closest to your tail should be pointing out to the side, while the other one should be pointing 20*-30* forward towards the nose of the board.

If you ride an all mountain snowboard, you can adjust them how ever you want. As the all mountain  snowboard is suited in every environment, you have many possibilities. If you just prefer to ride normally, then I would recommend having the bindings as centered as possible with both bindings pointing 10*-20* forward, towards the nose or tail.

Snowboard Binding Placement – Video Overview

Find Your Own Perfect Binding Here On


If you have any more questions left on your mind, then feel free to leave them below!



  1. caisaki

    Thanks for sharing this article on how to find the best fit for snowbards. I’m moving to Canada soon, and I’m pretty sure that in a fee months I’ll be needing one for some recreational trips – my relatives there really seem to like snowboarding a lot. I will bookmark this for future reference, thanks!

  2. Daniella

    Hi Tore,

    Very interesting and helpful article for people like me who doesn’t know nothing about snowboard, Lol:)
    I have once tried to do ski and I absolutely loved it, now I would like to try snowboard, it seems much more fun, but more difficult to practice. Isn’t?
    As I have read in the article, I need to find the right boots for women first before I buy the bindings:) What boots would you recommend for women?
    Thank you very much for this excellent post!

  3. Lena

    This post is a great start for me! I also saw more posts on your website that I will be reading tonight. We are planning a trip to Timberline Lodge in Oregon and I would like to take some snowboard lessons. I also want to buy my own board. What would you suggest, should I first take a lesson and decide later what kind of board I need or you can recommend a board for a beginner like me now?Thank you!

  4. Roope

    I don’t any personal experience of snowboarding so websites like this can be very useful if I would like to try.

    It seems that the bindings work somehow in the same way as shoes. Men, women and kids have their own kind of bindings.

    Newbie question: If I would buy a snowboard do the bindings usually come with the snowboard or do I have to buy the bindings separately?

  5. Josh

    You have a great site here and very easy to navigate…I thought I always set my stance up correctly until I watched your video. You really helped me out… It sounds as if you recommend DC as the best freestyle snowboard. In your opinion how does it compare to Burton?

  6. andrejs

    I like downhill skiing. Yes, about five years ago I have tried snowboard. It was funny and the same time a bit risky experience.
    You are right that having the right snowboard bindings and proper adjusting is essential for safe snowboarding. I did not make it correctly and had a couple of very painful falls.
    After all my whole a willingness to engage in snowboarding disappears.

  7. Surrounding Beauty

    Hi there!

    For a complete newbie in snowboarding and having minimal knowledge, I did not know that there are such things as snowboard bindings to take note of. I have all long (don’t laugh) thought that those are “boots” attached and come together with the snowboard. Looks like I have learn something new from your post today!

  8. Rosy

    Hi Aardsand,
    Thank for this great post! It is so useful and really great you put a video in it! I didn’t know men and women had different bindings. I tried skiing before, but never tried snow boarding. Do you think it is harder than skiing? I would really like to try it sometime.

  9. Jenny

    Glad I came across this site was thinking of taking the kids snowboarding next year. Never tried snowboarding before so don’t know where to start. I found that your information about snowboard boots was very useful to me. I will be bookmarking this site for when I am ready to start shopping for snowboard gear.

  10. @Cloakedbeardco

    You know what I can’t call my self even an enthusiast snowboarder bc I never once thought about the bindings I just let my buddies handle that. I enjoyed because now I’m going to size my own bindings and surprise my boys this winter. Thanks for article I’ll be sure to stop by again.

  11. Gary

    Hi Tore

    A really informative article here. I really didn’t realize you need different fittings for different genders and it kind of makes sense that kids would need a different one. It’s really useful to have the video as well showing us how to set up your own bindings. Do you have any others not on Amazon?

  12. Marco

    Thanks for sharing this Snowboard information. I never do Snowboard in my life but I will do it for sure and probably this year and here you are just pushing me up to Just do It. I will try it in Serra Nevada, have you ever be there?
    What do you think is easier to learn: Snowboard or Ski?

    1. Tore Aarsand (Post author)

      Go for snowboarding, it’s much more fun, I promise!

  13. lifebeginswithyourhealth

    Great article on snowboarding binding, I have had an interest in snowboarding when I was younger and more flexible but it was so overwhelming for me to choose the right equipment I never gave it a try. I find it very interesting about the boots being such a huge factor in adjusting the binding on a snowboard, you have given us many things to consider otherwise we more likely would not have known.

  14. Jon


    What a really crisp clear website!
    I have to comment on how well presented the content is here, i too use the songwriter theme for my own website and to see it used in a different niche so well is great 😉
    You have explained sizing very well and its easy to follow. I have always wanted to take up snowboarding so sites like this will be useful to me and no doubt other beginners too.

    Keep up the good work.

    P.S. what plugin are you using for the ‘print’ and ’email’ buttons?


    1. Tore Aarsand (Post author)

      Not really sure about the plugins you are talking about. It might be “MaxButtons”, If not, then let me know 🙂


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