How To Do a 360 On Snowboard

Tricking on snowboarding can be hard in the beginning. Like any other trick, doing a 360 on snowboard takes lots of practice. To perfect my own 360 on my snowboard, took 2 years. Maybe this was because I didn’t know much about how to perform it, but I succeeded the end.

Are you  interested in learning the same trick? Then stick to the end of this post, and you’ll know how to do a 360 on snowboard.

Learning how to do a 360 on snowboard is also divided into three separate sections. Taking off, spinning and landing. When you master all three of these sections you will be able to do a 360.

Step 1 – The take off


The take off is where you build up the foundation of your 360. It is very important to have enough speed to be able to get a great take off out of the jump. When you take off there are some important things you need to remember, that very few know about when learning the 360.

Changing up before the jump. To make the 360 spin as easy as possible, there is a specific technique for the jump build-up. Your riding track should look like a snake on the way to the jump. As you can see on the picture to the left, the track is shaped like a snake. This will make a rotating momentum which I’ll get to now. The rotating momentum. As you are about to leave the jump, you want to turn your board in the direction of where you are spinning. Look over your shoulder and your take off should be well performed.

 Step 2 – Spinning

This spinning is the most important part of the trick, but also the hardest. The key to spinning nice and smoothly through-out the jump is to always look behind your shoulder. This will also help creating a spin momentum. Keep looking behind your shoulder until you can spot the landing.

Another tip to spin faster is to tuck your knees. You don’t necessarily need to grab, because this can mess up your balance and rotation. Personally I don’t like tucking my knees, so it really comes down to personal preference if you like it or not.


 Step 3 – Landing

Landing is the final part about the 360 spin, but also the hardest. I have personally struggled a lot with the landing. A very important thing you need to keep in mind when landing is to always look where your board is. If you can keep your eyes on your board when you land, it will make it 10 times easier.

If you can manage to keep your body lined up with the board as well, your landing will be a guaranteed success. What many people struggle with when landing is that their body isn’t lined up straight. This will mess up your balance and chances are that you will fall. This is my biggest issue when spinning 360 too, so don’t worry.

With enough practice, you will get it. There is no doubt on that!
If you have any questions left, feel free to leave them below!



  1. Kår Arne

    thank you for all your advices. I really appreciate you taking time to learn others. Keep writing, and I will stay tuned 😉

  2. jeffrey16201

    You have a beautiful snow boarding website, very impressive articles with great illustrative photographs showing step by step.

    Maybe I missed it , but being I never snow boarded before how would I decide on a snow board and clothing and anything else I would need to get started.

    What kind of physical condition does someone need to be to start such a hobby, I have had this interest for years just never had the courage to get started

    1. admin

      Just guts, thats all it takes 😉

  3. Anny

    Growing up in the New England area I had a lot of access to nearby mountains.

    I started snowboarding when I was 15 and after reading this article I really wish I had this knowledge back then! Instead my only memory of doing a big jump was wimping out at the very and and landing on my stomach (taking my breath away). Ever since then I’ve sort of avoided doing any sort of jumps aside from tiny bumps (ha!). I prefer just taking the longest trails possible and getting a good run in.

    I’ll definitely bookmark this page and maybe get enough courage to try again next season. Thanks for the tips!

  4. Nate

    Thanks for the tips.

    I just started doing 180s and will move onto 360s next.

    I guess the challenge for 180s is that you have to land or take off switch whereas with 360s you can do it all in your natural stance. But then of course you’ve got to spin more and need more air to perform it.

    The landing is definitely the tricky part for 180s so imagine it’s tricky in 360s too. Definitely more tricky than landing straight airs. But it all starts with the approach as you say – if you can get the approach right it makes the spinning and landing parts easier.

  5. Stu

    I skateboarded for a long time and the motions are similar to snowboarding but at the end of the day they are very different sports. Both take an incredible amount of muscle recruitment. I still remember to this day how sore I was after my first day on the mountain! I’ve only been once but really want to go again soon.

    I’ve never been able to do a 360 on a skateboard, but can do a 180. With a snowboard I would imagine it’s very similar, but I always felt uncomfortable with the thing stuck to my feet 😛

  6. Abdul

    Very nice snowboarding website. The article is very informative and made my interest grow in learning snowboarding and performing stunts. It definitely looks amazing but there is, science and lot of effort to put into. I hope I can at least do 180’s until this time next year.
    Very well written with great pictures, nice work.

  7. Anna Vagle, biaatch!

    OMG, I never knew that I needed to look back on my shoulders when spinning (I was looking down my feet hehe).. Thanks! 😀

  8. Chris


    Great information on how to perform a 360 on a snowboard.

    This a little tricky and I understand that you have the experience to perform such a thing

    I lived in the Canadian Mountains for a while and tried skiing, but I noticed there were a lot of times when I watched snowboarders fail to implement the correct procedure and injure themselves on their snowboard.

    I will point some of my buddies in the correct direction in regard to this method.



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