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Find yourself looking for a good, price worthy and durable snowboard? Then you’ve come to the right place. Below I have reviewed some of the best DC snowboards I could find. What they all share in common are that they are cheap, durable and very great looking! Check out these DC snowboard reviews below!

DC Men’s Tone Snowboard

Old price:

New price: $182.00 – $257.97 (60% – 40% off)

Current Sizes: 149 cm, 153 cm, 156 cm, 159 cm

Cheapest place to buy: amazon.com

Shipping time: 2-5 days

Customer rating: 10/10

Product description

The “DC Men’s Tone Snowboard” is the perfect freeride board. This board literally has everything a freeride snowboarder could ever want. It will crush anything that gets in its way. The unique anti-camber core profile of the board makes it very flat between the bindings. This allows for optimal stability and a great response in the board. Sharp turns won’t be a problem either because of this. 

The board is also built with a mechanism that will favour any user like never before! On the outside of the bindings, the board is raised by 4mm. This gives the board an insanely smooth and silky feeling. You’ll be able to surf powder super easily because of this little adjustment. Tricks like butters, ollies or nollies will also be easier to perform.

As mentioned further up, the core is what makes this board to the monster it is. Yet there is more to it. Since the core is made out of extremely light weighted wood, the board will also carry this light weight. This improves the main side of the board, being freeriding. No board have I ever seen this perfect for powder, but not to mention how good it’s looking! Definitely the best of all choices for freeriders

DC Men’s Supernatant Snowboard

Old price:

New price: $211.15 – $299.95 (60% – 40% off)

Current Sizes: 154cm, 158cm

Cheapest place to buy: amazon.com

Shipping time: 2-5 days

Customer rating: 8/10

Product description

The “DC Men’s Supernatant Snowboard” is also one of DCs best freestyle snowboards. Like any other freestyle board, the Supernatant is built to be fast, light weighted and durable. The board comes with a micro chamber profile, as well as a super light core, making it easy to keep your board above the powder in a nice and controlled speed. 

The board is also built to be very directional with a flexing rate on 7/10. This allows you to get up in really high speed with great stability. Even though the board is made to be very directional, it is great for riding switch. The DC supernatant snowboard meets the requirements that is listed within the freeride snowboard category. This board is mainly for beginners to intermediate riders.

DC Men’s Media Blitz Snowboard

Old price:

New price: $297.79 – $329.31 (45% – 20% off)

Current Sizes: 146cm, 150cm, 154cm, 158cm

Cheapest place to buy: amazon.com

Shipping time: 2-5 days

Customer rating: 9/10

Product description

The “DC Men’s Media Blitz Snowboard” is a traditional freestyle snowboard with many great features. The board is built with a camber profile and a durable impact core. It therefore allows any user to go hard on it, without being worried about breaking anything.

When it comes to skilling, the DC Media Blitz packs quite a punch. With its insanely flexible base, you’ll be able to pop into the greatest heights. The light weight makes spinning easier as well as keeping the board under control. 

Yet there is more to the board. The DC Media Blitz also has some all mountain characteristics. As mentioned, the board was built with great durability. It also is extremely light weighted. This allows the board to be successfully used in both powder and on the rest of the mountain!

Hopefully you found these reviews interesting and educational. If you have any questions regarding this or any post, feel free to leave them below!



  1. Sondre

    What a sale!
    Im thinking about getting a snowboard to the next season here in Norway. It starts in the end of 2016, so I want to wait a little longer. How long does it last (the sale)?

    1. Tore Aarsand (Post author)

      Probably throughout the entire summer so you have plenty of time my friend! 🙂

  2. Sirio

    Well, I am not a snowboarder, but your review is well written and the site looks good! Clean and simple, that’s what I like.

    Maybe you should highlight more the pros and cons of the different snowboards? Just a thought.. But else the site looks good.

    Keep it going, wish you the best of luck!

    1. Tore Aarsand (Post author)

      Thanks for the great tips! Really helps a lot. 🙂

  3. Antonio Alessandro

    Awesome review! Got to check out the sales! 😀

  4. Jenny

    Wow great looking snowboards! Would definitely purchase one of these if i was a snowboarder and my kids would love them! They seem excellent choices.
    Snowboarding is on my to do list. I bet it would be an amazing experience. Will have to save up and go sometime.
    Site looks great and i love the picture of the snowboarder

  5. Marco

    What a great price that you just show me. I will save your website to see what kind of sales i will get in december to go for my vacations. The design of the boards are also great but if you could i will love to have more options on board designs.

  6. @Cloakedbeardco

    These are good deals and since its warm now they will probably be the same price all summer. When you say powder and mountain you mean the rock face? won’t that scratch the board up? Which one would you choose for you particular style? Will you start telling where the best snowboarding sites are in Norway?

  7. Bartholomew

    Theres never any snow in the place where I live. But cool website though, although very informational, I can’t see how useful this website is to me haha. But here I am. Cool website. Who knows one day I will be having a vacation far off where theres a lot of snow. Ill be sure to review this website.

  8. Fabian

    Hello Tore,
    thank you very much for you informative review!
    I was searching around in the web for some information about the DC Men’s Media Blitz Snowboard. I was not sure if that is the right one but thanks to your review I’m now 100% sure I’ll buy it.
    Keep up the good work!

  9. jmario

    Great job!
    I’m actually looking to get a snowboard, and although I’m not a pro by any chance… this info comes really handy…thanks!!!
    Now, for a beginner like myself, What would be a good brand to start with??
    What about Price?? I would like to see comparisons between different brands… pros and cons???
    Thanks again and keep the good work!

  10. JoAnn

    Hello – Your website pulls you in from the first click – it is engaging and very formative.
    There is really not much to comment on except you pretty much delivered on content..
    All positives!!
    I reside in a warm climate – had never thought about or have any interest in participating in any snowboard activity..until now !
    Great job!!

  11. Sam

    Awesome website Tore! I so wish I lived somewhere that snow boarding was an option. I love Winter, hate temperatures over 60F, and here in U.S., winter sports are only available for a short time if ever, in some states. These boards look outstanding though, and think they will greatly improve the recreational time of anyone blessed with a cold climate! Hope I get a chance to try one!

  12. lifebeginswithyourhealth

    Those are some fine looking snow boards on your website, how beautiful they are. I have never tried snow boarding but I have thought about it in the past, what is a free rider or freestyle snow boarder? I know nothing about snow boarding , do you have any beginner suggestions how to choose the right board.

  13. Fabi

    Hello Tore,
    I like the layout of your site, the front picture and the simplicity of your review post. I have two questions: what is an anti-camber core profile, and what is a flexing rate on 7/10? I used to snowboard myself living next to the mountains (in Bavaria) – and I like powder as much as halfpipes… I wish you a successfull time.

  14. Jurgen

    I think the DC Men’s Supernatant Snowboard looks very promising. I like the fact that it’s also suitable for beginners. I have a bit of experience in freestyle, but I wouldn’t consider myself very good at it.
    This summer I’m planning to start practising more (indoors) and was looking for a new freestyle board, that would not cost too much. Thanks for the info!

  15. Blake

    What interesting design on this board. Really flashy I must say and I can’t quite grasp what is going on there. But it seems like a great board from your review. Tremendous price savings too, wow! Do you personally have this board? If not what kind of board do you have?

  16. Hadri

    Your website get my attention as soon as I see it. It’s engaging and very formative. Lots of good and quality options that I can choose from. Makes me want to learn how to how boarding. I’m actually interested on going to Poland next winter for snowboarding. Which product do you what to recommend for me as a beginner?

  17. Vessy


    I have to say, these are some amazing looking snowboards, and I love the prices. I mostly ski, but lately I have been thinking of trying snowboarding. Would you recommend any of these snowboards to a beginner? Is there such thing as a beginner’s snowboard? I also see that they all are men’s snowboards. Do you have any recommendation for snowboards for ladies?


  18. Jason

    Wow those are some very informative reviews of snowboards you got there! I’ve been snowboarding a few times using friends boards so I can imagine how much better an experience I could have if I had my own that was sized right and everything else. Since winter is now over I’m wondering how long the sale goes on for? Maybe I’ll pick one up for next winter. Thanks!


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