Camp Seven Roots Snowboard Review

So you’re looking at a new snowboard. Well, I can say with 100% confidence that the Camp Seven Roots snowboards are some of the best ones I have ever tried. The specific one I’m going to review in this post is my absolute favourite! It’s called “Camp Seven Roots RCR *Blem*” and is originally designed for men. I have been using this board for years and really recommend you to try it! Read my product review below!


Information About The Snowboard
Camp Seven

Camp Seven Roots RCR *Blem* 

Price: $179.95

Designed for (sex): Male

Created in: 2016

Skill level recommended: For both pros and beginners!

Current Sizes: 153cm, 157cm, 160cm, 163cm

Cheapest place to buy:

Guarantee: 3 years


Product overview – How does it perform?

The “Camp Seven Roots RCR *Blem*” is a great snowboard performing very well in all terrain. The board is mainly for free rides who really loves the powder, but the snowboard really performs like magic in any terrain. How can I say this? Because I own a snowboard identical to this one.

Anyways, this specific camp 7 snowboard is created with a twin shape making it optimal for all snowboard riding styles. Even though a twin shaped snowboard is originally designed for all mountain riders, the “Camp Seven Roots RCR *Blem*” comes with very many possible binding placements. The small black dots on the picture above represents this well. It means that you can adjust the bindings. If you want to ride powder, you move the bindings backwards. I did this on my own board once last season. My experience in powder was absolutely stunning!

The board also comes with steel edges, making it slice any bits or pieces of hard terrains coming in its way. The steel edges also increased the amount of sense you get in the board. With sharp edges, you will have much better balance because the board won’t slip if you ride on the edges. This is necessary if you need to break very fast. The edges are also raised slightly above the ground to prevent nasty edge grab takedowns.

What an amazing snowboard right? I personally love it!

Accessories – the optimal snowboard package!

If you are thinking about buying the “Camp Seven Roots RCR *Blem*” snowboard, you also might be interested in a snowboard package including this board. This is of course if you need new accessories. I have two great packages that might be what you need.

Package #1

This first package includes both the “Camp Seven Roots RCR *Blem*” as well as some bindings. I really do recommend getting this package if you need ned bindings and a snowboard. Not only because the snowboard is amazing, but also because you get a discount on the bindings if you buy them together with the board.

Camp Seven Roots RCR *Blem* Snowboard +APX Bindings camp 7 package 1

Price: $229.95

Cheapest place to buy:

Guarantee: 3 years


Package #2

This second package includes just what package #1 includes, but also a pair of fresh camp 7 boots! If you need e whole new set of gear, then go for this package. Why? Well, you get a huge discount on both the boots and the bindings when you buy them together with the board, but also because buying this complete package will make you experience with the board best possible. This is because everything in this package was made to fit perfectly together.

Now, I’m not saying that other boots and bindings don’t work, because I only have the board myself, but because the package is best together. Why buy boots and bindings separate when you have this great package?

Camp Seven Roots RCR *Blem* Snowboard + APX Bindings + Boots camp 7 package 2

Price: $299.95

Cheapest place to buy:

Guarantee: 3 years
Feel free to buy whatever I recommended. They are all great. Just before you leave I must say that this is the best snowboard I have ever gotten my hands on, and thank god for that.I’m not saying that it will be the best for you, because we are all different. But I really recommend anyone to buy it if you need a new one. I can almost guarantee that you will love it.

If you have any more questions regarding anything in this post that I didn’t cover. Then please leave them below! And also, don’t forget to share this post on social medias to show your friends about this top-tier snowboard! Have a great day!


Happy powder surfing!

Tore, author of this post

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