Best Ski Towns In The World

If you really like skiing or snowboarding, then visiting one of the best ski towns in the world might fall within your interest. All of the ski towns that I’ll cover through-out this post are ski towns that offer a whole new world of opportunities. Infinite powder surfing, riding through giant woods, 1 hour long slopes and even ski/snowboarding above the skies are possibile.

Follow me through this post to find out which ones you SHOULD visit!

Zermatt, Switzerland


Zermatt in Switzerland is one of the best ski/snowboard towns located in Europe. This huge place offers three interconnected ski resorts. All with their own cluster of ski lifts and they are all skiiable with the same ticket!

The scenary in all three areas are absolutely stunning. Yet, the skiing and snowboarding experience is discribed to be even better! The terrain varies from cruisers to park to never-ending powder slopes.

There are also more than 50 on-mountain resturants you can stop by on the way down. These resturants offer some of the best food and are great places to have a break.

Whitefish, Montana


Whitefish in Montana lives up to what a family-friendly ski resort really is. This place has everything a beginner and a pro needs. The variation of slopes are increadible, making this place just perfect for everyone.

Many of the slopes even reach past the clouds, creating a facinating experience as you ride through them. Some of the longest slopes in the world are also found here. Many of them can go on for hours…

Just like in Zermatt, there are plenty of resturants to find all over the place, as you ride through the slopes.

Another liked thing about this place is that tickets are a lot cheaper than most places. Local visitors discribes Whitefish as the perfect place for families who love skiing and snowboarding.

Niesco, Japan


Niseco in Japan is a place within its own cathegory. The place offers so much more and this is what makes it so different. Within all the ski resorts you can find here in Niseco, one ticket is all you need to explore every bit of snow there is.

There are cruiser-slopes disigned for everyone. The terrain is variates as you make you way down to the bottom. You will find endless, untuched powder snow everywhere. Parks with rails, big-jumps, half-pipes are of the best kind. The scenary is undiscribable, but all of this is not what makes this place so special…

Night ski,- and snowboarding is what makes Niseco so big. Night skiing is enormous here. Big stadiums-style lights, brightens up 2 560 vertical feet of slopes. Exploring the powder in the night is compared by local visitors as surfing under a wave on a hot and clear summerday!

If you have any questions left on your mind, please feel free to leave them below!


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  1. Eric

    All of these places sound amazing. If i was going to pick one, I would go to Niseco, Japan. I love powder so this would be the best for me. And the night skiing there sounds awesome. The few times I’ve gone night skiing, it was really hard to see and you couldn’t go on certain runs because it was too dark. But this mountain sounds like there is plenty of light even in the back country runs.


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