Trampoline Bounce Board Reviews – Bouncing Fun!

If you are looking for a trampoline bounce board, you have hit the jackpot! Below, I’ve reviews three of the best bounce boards that I could possibly find. They have a high quality, they are very light weighted and come in a superb price. Check them out!

JumpSport® Trampoline Bounceboard®Bounceboard

JumpSport® Trampoline Bounceboard®

Price: $119.95

Weight: 5 pounds

Cheapest place to buy:

Product description

The “JumpSport® Trampoline Bounceboard®” is the perfect toy for you who want to have fun on a trampoline, and practice snowboard tricks off season. The “JumpSport® Trampoline Bounceboard®”  is designed for kids between the age of 10-18. It won’t damage your trampoline because of the soft rubber it is made out of.

The board also only weights 5 pounds, so that you’ll barely feel that is there. Put your feet on the board and strap them tight. Catch air! 

NSI Trampoline Bounceboard®

NSI Trampoline Bounceboard®

Price: $109.95

Weight: 4.8 pounds

Colors: Blue, Red, Lime, Pink, Orange, White, Black

Cheapest place to buy:

Product description

The “NSI Trampoline Bounceboard®” is just as any other bounce board, a great toy for learning snowboard, skateboard and wakeboard tricks, in a very safe environment! This specific toy is designed for anybody between the age of 10-18, but anyone can actually fit their feet on to the bounce board, because the straps that lock your feet in place are very adjustable.

The board is designed with soft bottom material so that the board won’t damage your trampoline when you jump. The NSI bounceboard has a very flexible bend and only weights 4.8 pounds. The board is also available in many different colors. A super great deal!

Bounceboard Classic Extreme Trampoline Board

Bounceboard Classic Extreme Trampoline Board3232223

Price: $96.11-$119.00

Weight: 7 pounds

Colors: Blue, Red, Orange, Lime, Purple/Pink

Cheapest place to buy:

Product description

The “Bounceboard Classic Extreme Trampoline Board” is slightly different from other bounce boards. It’s heavier, sturdier and more versatile. This board will take any damage and is even harder to break than the others. It can also survive any weather. Even though it is super tough, the material it is made out of won’t damage the trampoline in any way.

The recommended age for the board is everyone from the age of 10 and up! The traps that lock your feet are adjustable just like the NSI board, so that feet in any size will fit. With the “Classic Extreme” bounce board you can really try anything!


If you have any questions left on you heart, feel free to leave them below! Will answer as fast as possible.



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  2. Steph

    Great looking products for having fun in the snow. JumpSport® Trampoline Bounceboard® looks like an exciting way to get out and enjoy the winter.

  3. Jonathan

    Man, this looks really fun! Would this help me learn how to snowboard better? Can I actually use this to do the real thing? Is it one size fits all for 11-18 yr olds? I think I can get one for myself and my wife to share, and then one for each of the kids. I have 3. Where do you recommend is a great place for learning how to snowboard? I would like to take my family to a resort of the sort. Thanks in advance for your reply.

    1. admin

      The bounceboard fits everyone, kids, and grown-ups. It’s one size fit. And yes, it is great for learning tricks on snowboards, but not really the basics, since you can only jump with it.
      If you just want to learn how to snowboard, I would recommend just trying it out, really. You can actually rent snowboards at the recorts, but if you want one for yourself and your kids, I have reviews some really cheap snowboards. Ordinary snowboards todayusually cost $300-$800. If you check out some of the reviews I have,you’ll find (in the mens/womens cathegory) boards for $200 or less. For kids you can find plastic boards for $50 only, or normal kids boards for about $100. Really cheap 😉

  4. Kevin

    That seems like a lot of fun! It also seems like a great way to practice snowboarding in the off season. I’m a big fan of snow sports and I think that this is a great way to practice in the summer months. Do you know how long it normally takes for this product to ship?

    1. admin

      It depends on where you live, it is shipped from the U.S so to Europe it would take 2 weeks tops, but within the U.S it would take just a few days.

  5. Egill

    man when i learn to snowboard properly i will buy this board and do awsome tricks

  6. Shane

    Wow those look like a ton of fun!


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